On Dirait Grenoble Sous La Pluie


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First unreleased (yet) album, pure and fresh.


released September 3, 2018

Mixage : Michael De Palma
Mastering : Dan-Luc Bicram (Baron Samedi Zombi)
Artwork : Arcabas (église de Saint-Hugues de Chartreuse)


all rights reserved



GRENOBLE Grenoble, France

GRENOBLE est à l'image de la ville, un mélange de mélancolie soviétique, d'absurde humanité et de nature parcourue en short- baskets.
Le propos est sincère et naturel, un partage du clair-obscur de la vie d'un être.
On y retrouve toute son histoire, ses joies et ses peines, et sa culture musicale, un mélange très personnel de Nina Simone, Chopin, Memphis Slim, Radiohead ou Alain Péters.
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Track Name: Rose
I wish, you were a rose
One little bird inside my home
This is a song my mother sang
To keep me dry when it rains
To keep me warm ‘cause you went
To tell me life is worth the pain

This is a song I’ve always known
One soft full hand along my cheek
To wipe to tears I couldn’t stand
One soft full arm around my heart
To tell me you understand
But beyond end there is a start


I’ve wiped the spikes out of my skin
Removed the leaves that turned to brown
Only remains the soft perfume
Red petal flowing on the ground
And my mom, singing this tune

I wish, you were a rose
Track Name: The Cliff
Now he walks x 5
And his step will lead him to the nearest cliff
Now he talks x 5
But his words are falling in no one's ears
Now he sings x 5
But the trees don’t care about humans
Now he shout x 5
Call the world around to give him strength

Take off your faith, walk out your grace x 2
Let the wind blow

Now he jumps x 5
Spread his arms for the air to welcome him
Now he falls x 6
Thru the universe

Take off your faith, walk out your grace x 2
Let the wind blow


Now he winks x 5
So he sees thru the hidden tears
It’s only drop x 5
Now he shines into everything

Take off your faith, walk out your grace x 2
Tell me you’ll stay x X
Track Name: The Door
Don’t you cry
Little child
He had to die x 2

She broke the door
And got inside of me

She got inside
My little child
Now I have to cry all the words
Welcome the shadows
Walk with sorrowsI have to sleep with his sword

Cause she broke the door |
And got inside of me | x2
Track Name: Hicham
There was a time I was gifted and young
Had me a wife like a shine in the crowd
Two little babies that would lead me to God
One lazy cat that I held in my beloving hands

Oh oh oh oh oh, Oh oh oh oh oh

Then suddenly some dark clouds came upon
Hairy pictures spreading over the town
Hairy preachers with no love in their tongues
Stating by laws that this land will no longer be home

Oh oh oh oh oh, Oh oh oh oh oh

Tell me my friend
Do you know this town
Do you know this ground

Tell me again
It’s not where you’re born
It’s not where you’ve grown

There was a time I was gifted and young
Now I am old, I have no hate to spawn
Got me new friends and a house of my own
In my new country I learned to put flowers around.

Oh oh oh oh oh, Oh oh oh oh oh
Track Name: Monday Morning
She’s a lonesome breeze :
Stolen from the trees
She’s there waiting, upon laying
He knows…

As far as he can see
She’s nowhere to be seen
Must be hidding, somewhere shaking
He knows…

He ends up on a river
Drops of gold and steel
Water’s calling, for love and ending
He knows…


(Water’s calling, for love and ending)

Finally reach the fall
A last look, a last call
Dive into ashes, dead for loving
He knows…

Hearing a song of love and death...


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